Lofty Issues

The question has to be asked: was Alexander really a villain? It is worthy of note that Alexander Findlay, one of the few Scottish pipers to survive the horrors of the Great War, returned from the battlefields as an injured hero. After that ordeal, shouldn’t life have become kinder to him? Admittedly, straying from the … Read moreLofty Issues

Sweaty and Pals is now out in full colour!

Sweaty and Pals, the first of the Sweaty series (for younger readers) is now out in print and on kindle… It takes readers back to Derek’s days as a young child – it even explains how Derek became Sweaty to his friends. Written as a collection of short stories and set firmly in the early … Read moreSweaty and Pals is now out in full colour!

Derek Takes Action

ISBN 9781908135636 Derek has found his calling – a cause to fight for – a disaster to avert… but, this is DEREK… so what can go wrong? Derek to the Rescue – Derek has a CAUSE but, being Derek, he also has a host of misunderstandings to sort out, mistakes to rectify and a wife to mollify. As a natural … Read moreDerek Takes Action